Monthly Update June 2021

While there were some cool features releases this month already, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about.

The getTransactionReceipt function

A few users asked us to implement a function which allows to get the status of a transaction. When sending a transaction, you usually get back a transaction hash and may think this means the transaction has been sent successfully. But this is actually wrong. It just means the transaction was successfully created and broadcasted to the blockchain. You may have noticed some transactions show up as “failed” on block explorers like BscScan and EtherScan. And this is exactly what the getTransactionReceipt function does: It returns if a transaction was successful or not. The only required parameter is the transaction hash, also known as “txid” within our API. Please refer to the function and it’s implementation details in our Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum documentation.

Identifier Parameter

Last year we added the identifier parameter to the sendToken function of our Ethereum endpoint. With the integration of Binance Smart Chain, we added this parameter for the sendToken function of the BSC endpoint also. However, as this feature seems to be very useful for some use cases, we decided to add this optional parameter to the following functions also: sendEthereum, sendBinancecoin, sendTron, sendTRC10 and sendTRC20.

But what to use this parameter for? The identifier parameter allows to set a unique identifier for a transaction. When sending a transaction with an identifier, this transaction will be saved in our database along with the returned txid. When sending another transaction with the same identifier, you will receive an error instead of sending a new transaction. Also, along with the error you will get the txid of the original transaction and the time it was sent. This allows to prevent double sending of transactions.

On Site Optimization

There were also a few smaller updates to our website. The tutorials are now part of our new blog, including beautiful overview sites. URLs within the blog have been optimized to be better readable for humans and search engines. The showcase page on our site has been removed, as the interest in it was very low. Some site titles, headings and elements within our site have been changed and optimized, mostly to increase our general SEO score. Further improvements on the site content are planned and in work already.

Suggestions? Feature requests?

We are always happy to receive feedback. If you are missing any features or functions, please let us know! You can find all contact options below in our footer.