New Support System

As we are continuously getting bigger, we have now reached a point where personal Telegram and email support by one person is not working anymore. So we decided to improve our system to allow handling more support requests, working more efficient and never miss any support request again.

What changes?

Instead of writing an email or Telegram message to our CTO, you now have more possibilities to contact us: Via Telegram Bot, E-Mail, Contact form, Chatbot on the site. On our end, all requests in those channels will appear in the same interface, allowing to handle all support requests within the same system. But not only this changed, on our team we hired more people to handle the support.

What to do if I need support?

Please just head to and choose the channel you want to use to get in contact with us. Please make sure to add as many details to your request as possible. You can also join our Telegram community group. This is a place where you can get help from other users or help them.

How long does the support need to answer?

While we had a very fast support in the past, which usually answered within minutes, we may not be able to keep that speed in future. Instead, we will handle new requests as soon as possible, but within a maximum of 24 hours.

What is the knowledge base?

We started a knowledge base which will be continuously filled with frequently asked questions and their answers. Allowing some sort of self-help, this should always be the first place for users to look for an answer before contacting us. The knowledge base can be found under

Can I book a SLA to get faster and better support?

We are overworking our pricing model in the near future, which will then include different SLAs and support options depending on the actual plan a user has booked. More information about this will be announced on this blog.