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Recent updates to our Blockchain API

Changelog #10
New parameters for sendEthereum and sendBinancecoin function

The functions sendEthereum and sendBinancecoin have been extended with 3 new parameters: data, gasprice and nonce.

Changelog #9
Added getTransaction function for Tron blockchain

There is now a getTransaction function, which returns information about a Tron/TRC10/TRC20 transaction by hash

Changelog #8
Added support for Tron deposits

Plans can now be paid with Tron, allowing for lower transaction fees when depositing.

Changelog #7
Added Binance Smart Chain

Added support for Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Docs can be found here.

Changelog #6
Added freezeBalance and unfreezeBalance functions

Added freezeBalance function and unfreezeBalance function to freeze Tron in return for resources like bandwidth or energy.

Changelog #5
Reworked pricing system

Removed BASIC plan, added PREMIUM plan to offer a plan between PRO and ENTERPRISE. Instead of linking all functions, we use tooltips with explanations now, improving the usability.

Changelog #4
Added Tron

We integrated support for Tron blockchain. Starting with functions for sending transactions, checking balances and subscribing to addresses (IPN). Check out the Tron Docs.

Changelog #3
Showcase page

We added a Showcase page for projects our clients built with the help of our API.

Address reimport bug fixed

We fixed a bug which didn't allow to reimport a previous deleted ethereum address

Changelog #2
Buttons to delete specific API data

Added a button to delete all IPNs or ethereum addresses at once. They can be found in the account panel.

Changelog #1

Official release of Chaingateway.io. In this changelog we will announce all changes that are made to the site and API.