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New Version 2: Open Beta

Join our Free Version 2 Beta now!

We have improved our solution with many new features. Do you want to help us with testing?

New Dashboard

Our new Dashboard allows you to do almost everything in the web, no need to use API for importing keystores or creating webhooks.

Beta Dashboard Preview

Live Transaction Webhooks

Receive webhooks immediately after a transaction is mined!

Can be created using API or in the Dashboard with no coding required. Automated transaction decoding, all transaction data included.

Beta Webhooks Preview

Improved REST Standard

Receive webhooks immediately after a transaction is mined!

Our new REST compliant routing makes it easy to integrate our API in any software.

Beta Webhooks Preview

Better Documentation

Our new documentation is easier to navigate, understand and has example requests and responses for every function. Check it out here.

Beta Webhooks Preview

Many more...

We moved parts of our systems into the cloud, improved uptime and load balancing and made the whole system more fast and scalable.

And there is more to come soon!

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