REST API to build the bridge between Ethereum and the real world

  • Interact with Ethereum without own nodes
  • Get info about balances, blocks and transactions
  • Import existing wallets and export wallets created with us
  • Send and receive ERC20 and Ethereum transactions
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Our Mission

You can read it everywhere: Blockchain is the Future! Still, there are not many real-world use cases that make use of Blockchain Technology. “How can this be?” – You might be asking. Well, there are some reasons which prevent companies and countries to implement blockchain technology.

The biggest reason, in our opinion, is the difficulty of implementation. The median salary for a blockchain developer is about $172,000 per year. Not many companies have the budget to develop decentralized applications. Also, another disadvantage is the user-friendliness. Many end users have difficulties using their computers and smartphones, how are they supposed to know how to setup a secure wallet and use Dapps? They simply won’t.

We offer a solution for those problems – We trust in our vision that applications do not have to be fully decentralized. With a bridge to the normal web every developer can use blockchains the way he wants with a simple REST API. Making it easy to implement, use and retrieve information from them without having to worry about security, infrastructure and high costs. Security Illustration
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Use Cases


Exchanges can use our Ethereum API and ERC20 API to offer trading with Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens they wish to offer. Deposits and withdrawals can be completly automated.

ICOs and Airdrop Organizers

As our ERC20 API is working with all Tokens, and requires no listing, it is a good option to distribute tokens automated to a large audience.


Online shop merchants can use as a payment gateway to offer various cryptocurrencies in their online shops. They can even start accepting their own ERC20 token or stable coins. Our ERC20 API and Ethereum API will be able to handle it and provide the required functions.

Crypto projects and companies

Especially projects and companies in the blockchain business need our ERC20 API and Ethereum API. At some point, it is neccessary for them to distribute or accept Tokens or Ethereum. Or they need a reliable source of blockchain information. In any case they are servered in a secure and reliable way.



Our ERC20 API works with all ERC20 tokens by default.


We only charge for successful API Requests. No fees on deposits.


Our ERC20 API is compatible with most Stable Coins. Check our FAQ for more info.


Every transaction needs a password, which is only known to you.


We are constantly fixing bugs and implementing new features in our Ethereum API and ERC20 API.


We are available via Telegram and Email if help is needed.

Test if your Token is is working with our API


Even though we did never start an ICO ourselves, we still wrote a comprehensive whitepaper with lots of information about what is about and how it can help projects and companies in the crypto business. It also contains details about our security system, our monetarization model and descriptions of all functions we offer. We really recommend to check it out to understand our Ethereum API and ERC20 API.


Have a look at the Docs to see how to implement our ERC20 API and Ethereum API.

  • Send ERC20 tokens automatically
  • Send Ethereum automatically
  • Receive ERC20 tokens automatically
  • Receive Ethereum automatically
  • Get info on ERC20 transactions by hash
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  • Get ERC20 token balance of an ethereum address
  • Get Ethereum balance of an ethereum address
  • Get info on Ethereum transactions by hash
  • Get info on any Ethereum block by hash or number
  • Get info on transactions using several filters
  • Get latest Ethereum/Euro and Ethereum/USD exchange rate
  • Get last mined ethereum block number
  • Subscribe to Ethereum & token deposits
  • Create, delete, import & export Ethereum addresses

What are you waiting for?

Creating an account is free! Immediately after registering you will receive a personal API Key to test our ERC20 API and Ethereum API and start integrating it in your project.


You have questions? We have the answer! is a REST API which allows you automate interacting with the ethereum blockchain. So, instead of using a wallet to manually send tokens or ethereum to many addresses, you can automate this process by using our solution. You can also use to securely store and manage ethereum funds of your users.

You can, for example: Check ethereum or ERC20 token balances, send ethereum or tokens, create ethereum addresses (and deposit ERC20 tokens or ethereum on it), get info on ERC20 token and ethereum transactions. For a full overview please have a look at our Docs which describe all available functions of our Ethereum API and ERC20 API.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges, ICOs, Airdrop managers, E-Commerce shops which want to add their own token as a payment method and all businesses which need to interact with the ethereum blockchain often.

We have a monthly pricing system with different plans. You will start with a free plan, but can upgrade it at any time if you need to make more requests. To upgrade, you only need to select a plan on the pricing page and have enough balance on your account. To charge your account, you only need to send ethereum to the address in your profile panel. After a few confirmations, it will automatically be accepted and converted to euro based on the current euro to ethereum rate and added to your account balance. To get an overview of our plans, please click here. We also offer customized plans for customers who need to make a lot of requests. If you have a big application and want to use, please get in touch with us so we can negotiate a fair price (You can find ways to contact us at the bottom of the page).

Your token must follow the ERC20 token standard for our API to work. Please refer to this article to see the exact specifications of the ERC20 token standard. If your token follows the standard, it will work with the ERC20 API of There is no need to ask us if we will add a specifc ERC20 token, as our ERC20 API is designed to be universal compatible with all ERC20 tokens.

Sure! We are happy to provide discounts for applications which need a lot of requests. Just get in contact with us.

We have a lot of costs to keep our ERC20 API and Ethereum API up, redundancy and secure. Saving and backupping of important account data is also costing us money on a permanent base, so we decided to add a total limit of addresses to every plan to offer a good performance.

Our ERC20 API and Ethereum API is beeing improved continously. We can currently compensate over 50% of system failures and are working with high available, shielded servers.

You can find an always up to date changelog here.

You can manage your wallets with the functions newAddress, listAddresses and deleteAddress. NewAddress creates a new ethereum address on the Ethereum API with the password you provided (Don’t lose that one!). With the listAddresses function, you can get a list all of the ethereum addresses you have ever created. If you have addresses you don't need anymore, you can use the deleteAddress function to get rid of them. But be careful, you won't have access to it anymore after it has been deleted.

When you register, you start with the free plan, which you can use for testing purposes also. If you need to make more requests for testing purposes, we are happy to reset your limits. Just get in contact with us.

Our ERC20 API supports all Stable Tokens that are based on the ERC20 standard. This includes Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD), MakerDAO (DAI), Paxos Standard (PAX) , Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and USD Coin (USDC)