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New Support System

As we are continuously getting bigger, we have now reached a point where personal Telegram and email support by one person is not working anymore. So we decided to improve our system

Monthly Update June 2021

While there were some cool features releases this month already, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about. The getTransactionReceipt function A few users asked us to implement a function which

The ERC20 Token Standard

You read it everywhere, even on our site: ERC20 tokens are here to stay and the most popular fungible token standard right now. But what actually defines an ERC20 token? And how

New: IP Whitelist

Today we release a new feature which allows users to increase the security of their application. What is the IP Whitelist Feature? This feature allows to limit API access to specified IPs.

Release of our official Blog

We are more than happy to announce the official launch of our blog. It took us some time to get the design to fit our general design. But we are happy with