10 January 2023

Interacting with Blockchain Nodes using JSON-RPC

Learn how to use JSON-RPC, a lightweight protocol that allows for the transmission of data between a client and a server, to interact with blockchain nodes with example code in PHP, Python, and JavaScript.

29 October 2022

Making Supply Chains Efficient and Transparent Through Blockchain Tech

This blog post discusses how blockchain technology can revolutionize supply chains by streamlining logistical operations, enhancing traceability, securing financial transactions, and optimizing costs, and how businesses can integrate blockchain to manage their supply chains.

28 August 2022

Top 6 Security Tips for Using our Blockchain API

This blog post discusses important security tips for using blockchain, including generating private keys safely, avoiding exposing private keys, signing transactions on your machine, avoiding using addresses created on Chaingateway.io Blockchain API for cold wallets, and enabling two-factor authentication.

12 May 2022

Public vs Private Blockchain: How Do They Differ?

This blog post explores the difference between public and private blockchains, highlighting their benefits and drawbacks, and delving into how they differ in terms of transaction speed, cost, immutability, access, and security.