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We are happy to announce the start of our new solution which offers dedicated Blockchain Nodes for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Tron. Blockchain Node Provider Overview Image with Logo

Why we started this solution

At Chaingateway, we gathered a lot of experience with hosting and running Blockchain Nodes. As Chaingateway might not fit the requirements of all Blockchain projects and Dapps, we decided to start an independent solution to host and manage crypto nodes.

What makes this Blockchain Node Provider special?

There are several features adding value to the solution. We will explain them in detail.

Dedicated Blockchain Nodes

There is only one node per server. Any only one user has access to it. This allows for maximum uptime, security and performance.

Managed Blockchain Nodes

There is no need to care about updating the node or server software. All this is done by our experienced technical team.


Fast support is included. In case of issues, bugs or questions the Cryptonodes Team is happy to help via Email and Telegram.


We don’t support only mainnets but also testnets of the Blockchains we offer. This allows for extensive testing without fees before deploying to mainnet.

Incredible Performance

We are using very performant servers hosted in Germany for our Node as a Service solution. This allows for many very fast requests to the node without any issues.

No Limits

There are absolutely no limits when accessing a node. It is possible to send as many requests as needed without any additional costs. There is only one monthly price, nothing else.

Which Blockchains are supported?

For the start, we offer Tron Nodes, Binance Smart Chain Nodes and Ethereum Nodes.

Discounts for Beta users

For the official start of our new solution we decided to give away 5 coupons with a discount of 50% for the first month. The coupon WELCOMEBETA can be reedemed at checkout. Also, we give away another 5 coupons with 50% discount for users buying the 6 month plan. This coupon can be reedemed at checkout with the code WELCOMEBETA6M. Be fast – these might be reedemed any time!

Official Telegram group

Interested in staying up to date about our new node as a service solution? You are welcome to join our official Telegram Group.