New: IP Whitelist

Today we release a new feature which allows users to increase the security of their application.

What is the IP Whitelist Feature?

This feature allows to limit API access to specified IPs. Whenever someone sends a request to our API, the IP will be validated against a set of IPs defined inside your account panel. If the IP is not allowed to access our API with your API key, the IP will be banned.

Do I have to enable this feature?

Yes! Inside your account panel, you can see a new button “Enable Whitelist”. Once enabled, all new API requests with your API key will be validated against the list of defined IPs.

How to add new allowed IPs to the whitelist?

Once the whitelist has been enabled in your account, a new text area will appear. In this area you can write or paste new allowed IPs. Please add only one IP per line!

How many allowed IPs can I add?

We have set the limit to 10 IPs in total. This is a hard limit, so there are no exceptions.

What happens if I connect to the API with a not listed IP?

If you enabled the whitelist feature but didn’t add your IP, you will receive an error and the attempt will be logged. After a few attempts, your IP will be banned for several minutes.


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