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08 November 2021

Important: Payment system change

Big changes to our payment system are coming into effect on 15.11.2021.


Big changes to our payment system are coming into effect on 15.11.2021.

Why we Change the Payment system?

While Chaingateway.io was in the hands of an investor, Maurice and Anthony were responsible for the technical and marketing side of Chaingateway.io. After clarification with our tax consultants, we bought Chaingateway.io. This means the solution is soon owned by our german company Chaingateway UG and becomes part of the Bitblade Group. The CEO of Chaingateway UG will be Anthony. This allows us to further grow this solution in a regulated and safe way, while we can actually use all income to pay employees, infrastructure, marketing and further development.

What will change?

  1. We will change the currency from dollar to euro.
  2. There will be yearly plans in addition to monthly plans, which are cheaper to buy.
  3. Instead of the “top up balance” system, plans are bought directly with one of our payment providers: Stripe (credit card) and Opennode (Bitcoin)
  4. Addresses will be validated better, EU businesses will need to enter their VAT ID.
  5. Private customers from EU can’t buy a plan on our solution. We are working towards making this possible. If this applies to you, please contact our support so we can find a solution which works for both of us.
  6. Customized plans will be removed for technical reasons. Instead, we will make sure to offer more plans which will fit the needs of all clients in the near future.

Can I pay with something else than credit card and Bitcoin?

No! But you can use services like Changelly.com to convert your favorite cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. Changelly offers cheap and fast conversions for up to 140 cryptocurrencies.

Will there be a transition period?

Yes! Until 15.11.2021 you can topup your account balance. On 15.11.2021, we will convert your remaining account balance to automatically extend your plan expiration period. For example: If you top up your balance with $475 and have an active PRO plan ($95), we will automatically extend your subscription for 5 months. This means you don’t need to care about our new payment system for the next 5 months.

Any other questions?

Feel free to ask in our public Telegram group.